Professional Block Management on your doorstep

All the service and support you need to ensure your block is being managed effectively

Whether you’re a member of a management company or a property developer, we’re here to take the stress and complexities of block management off your hands.

From organising vital maintenance jobs to handling leaseholder arrears, we leave you free to get on with the things that are more important to you.

We pride ourselves on providing an unrivalled service. Here’s what you can expect when you appoint us as your block manager.

What we do

Service Charge Accounting

We collect service charges on your behalf from all leaseholders and ensure that we do so in accordance with the Lease and relevant legislation.

Maintenance Management

We manage the day-to-day maintenance tasks around the property including any regular maintenance that needs to be done

Annual Budget

Budgeting correctly for the year ahead is very important to ensure the finances are kept healthy and that the services are properly maintained

Proactive Communication

Communication is key in block management and it makes all the difference between good and bad management. Our systems allow us to communicate easily with everyone.

Regular Site Inspections

We will carry out regular site inspections and unlike most Managing Agents, we are on first name terms with many residents and enjoy a good chat with them while on site.

Transparent Pricing

We are very proud to have a transparent pricing structure that is simple to understand for the service that we offer.

Proactive communication to keep you informed

We firmly believe in clear, proactive communication throughout the management period. This includes committing to holding a residents’ meeting every three months. This gives us a chance to hear and understand any concerns leaseholders may have and give regular updates on any matters relating to the block.

The highest legal and professional standards to give you peace of mind

Managing agents have access to the latest legislation that could affect your block, so you can be sure you are always compliant with the most up-to-date requirements.

We choose to follow industry best practices and deliver our services according to the Service Charge Residential Management Code published by The Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS).  It means you get the reassurance of a having a professional to manage the complexities that inevitably show up.

Fair charges and prudent financial management to give you value for money

We manage the financial considerations as if it were our own money. We keep service charges to a minimum through fair management charges, careful selection of contractors and financial prudence.

Ready to switch agent?

We make it easy

01 – Give us a call or send us an email.

Contact us to discuss how we can help you with block management.

02 – Give notice to your current agent

Once you’re happy with your proposal and ready to onboard with us, you’ll need to give notice to your current managing agents. We’d recommend doing this in writing.

03 – We’ll take it from there.

We’ll liaise with your existing agents on your behalf to ensure a smooth transition. Then we’ll do everything within our power to get your documents and records transferred in good order. That way we can start managing your block properly from day one.